Yes. All that we do is help facilitate sub4sub. You know how you get an email from YouTube each time someone subscribes to you? What does it say in that email? It says "why don't you return the favor and subscribe back to XYZ". Well, that is basically what our service does but just automates it. We have NEVER had a customer have issues with YouTube because of our service. 

More Specific Questions:

Will YouTube know that I am using SubscriberTrain?
  • Yes (if they actually take the time to research it). We use their Public API so they give us the ability to create SubscriberTrain and they will also have a record of each time we use their API.  We don't try to hide or cheat their system. We use the tools that they provided to us. 

Will YouTube care that I am using SubscriberTrain?
  • Not likely. They like Subscriptions. It means more views in their system and more revenue.

Are the Subscriptions bunched together or spread out?
  • Bunched together. We need to make the Subscriptions while we still have authorization from you. If we waited, we would lose that authentication token from YouTube and the system wouldn't work.