What do I get as a Featured Passenger?

By signing up as a Featured Passenger, you are basically advertising your Channel on SubscriberTrain.com and will be able to gain a ton of subscribers without ever subscribing to other people or riding the train. 

  • 5 random Featured Passengers on our homepage every time it loads
  • Every email sent out will include your channel name and link (thousands per day)
  • You are listed along the left hand side of screen when logged in
  • @SubscriberTrain will Tweet about you


You will gain about 250 Subscribers for every 24 hours you're a Featured Passenger because our users earn a free train ticket for subbing to you.

SubscriberTrain.com Statistics

  • 65,000+ unique visitors every month
  • 850,000+ page views every month

How do I become a Featured Passenger?

  • Log in to SubscriberTrain
  • Click "Get your Channel Featured"

  • Select the length of time you want to be a Featured Passenger

  • Make your payment
  • Get Featured!

After you order, you can see exactly how and and who subscribes to you through our site by looking at your Order History

View ever single Subscriber you gained