The channels you subscribe to when Riding the Train are not the same channels that subscribe to you during that Ride.  You subscribe to the channels that Ride the Train before you.  So the fact that they unsubscribe from you means they get a strike, but it doesn't affect your strikes with SubscriberTrain.  The only thing that gets you strikes is you unsubscribing from a channel that you subscribed to using SubscriberTrain.  So unsubscribing from a channel that unsubscribes from you doesn't punish them within SubscriberTrain, but it does punish you.

Each time you log in and ride the train, the following will happen...

  • You will be subscribed to the 5 most recent train passengers.
  • You will be added to the train and displayed on the homepage.
  • The next 5 people to ride the train will be subscribed to your Channel.
  • That's it!